Educational activities exhibition
‘The Sea in the ABANCA and Afundación Art Collections ’

The virtual exhibition "The sea in the ABANCA and Afundación Art collections" builds up what has represented a challenge for us: bringing great works from these two collections to every corner of the planet, to every home, just by having a computer or a mobile device. Agalería, the museum space in which this exhibition is displayed, is located in a unique virtual environment on the Galician coast.

Francisco Leiro, Pamen Pereira, Di Cavalcanti, Mario Granell, Joaquín Sorolla, Maruja Mallo, Urbano Lugrís, Tino Grandío and Miquel Barceló are some of the artists represented in this exhibition. An exceptional experience to enjoy art in a new way.
We hope you enjoy it!

7 to 13 YEARS

· Activities

Drake the Pirate´s clue game, the wildest of the pirates in the Atlantic coasts. He will propose a game of enigmas and be careful not to tell the grown-ups! It counts as school work, but they don't know that it is super fun. There are 4 didactic games with a workshop.

· Tales and legends about the sea.